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Mobile Reflexology in Central London

"I look forward to the intense relaxation that comes from having the sessions done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You truly get the unique benefits of the therapy without having to set a foot outside your front door, and it feels so good to lounge on your sofa after Angela has finished." Rachel.S

How Can Reflexology Help Me?
Whatever health issues you are facing reflexology can help. It can assist you in reaching your best possible levels of relaxation, energy and well being. I have practised reflexology for the last 25 years helping my clients to optimum health, all in the comfort of their own home

- Fits more easily into your busy schedule
- De-stresses & re-energises, no need to travel
- Lets you relax in your own environment
- Allows your body time to respond to the treatment

Reflexology will support you throughout any time and stage in your life. It is a wonderful treatment to have whether you are suffering from problems with your physical health or you are facing emotional challenges, or you know that you need to spend more time looking after yourself. By reducing tension and increasing your energy it can support your immune system, improve your sleep and sense of general well being.

When should I have Reflexology?
Have treatments as often as you like for well being or if you feel run down or need to de-stress. If you have a specific health problem several treatments are usually advised at weekly intervals to help your body cope until your health is improved.

Maternity Reflexology
I also specialise in reflexology before, during and after pregnancy. Reflexology is one of the most popular therapies for pregnant women and for couples trying to conceive, whether naturally or with assistance. It is completely safe to have in all stages of pregnancy and pre-conception. Please look at my page: Maternity Reflexology for more information.

Pre & Post Operative treatments
Reflexology will help to prepare you for an operation by calming you and assisting you to sleep well. It can also aid your recovery afterwards by stimulating your circulation and boosting your immune system. I regularly give treatments to clients in hospital.

"Great service to have Angela come to your home so there's no traveling after such a relaxing treatment - I get to stay on the sofa and rest" Kim Cox


While you are lying down relaxing with your legs & feet raised we will discuss your medical history & general lifestyle, and how you hope to benefit from reflexology.

Various massaging techniques and pressure will be applied to your feet depending on their shape, colouration, temperature and texture.

This is in order to stimulate your body's own healing processes. The pressure used varies but will never be too painful and the treatment will normally be extremely relaxing.

Treatments usually last an hour, but it is possible to have a longer treatment if wished. The body's response to a treatment can happen during the session itself or in the days afterwards.

Sometimes there will be a 'healing reaction' where similar sensations to the problem itself such as a slight headache, will occur. These reactions are usually minor and simply an indication that the treatment is working. Follow up appointments will focus on how you have been since your last treatment.

Call Angela on 07766 495169 or email her if you would like further information about your reflexology treatment

I am based in NW3 and I cover all areas of North West, Central and City of London.
I am available for treatments on weekdays 9am-9pm & Saturdays 10am-6pm. Check Prices & Bookings for prices in your area.

Call me on 07766 495169 or send an email through the link at the top right of the page to make an appointment for a mobile reflexology treatment

I am a member of the Association of Relexologists and and fully insured and CRB checked.

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