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What is Reflexology?

"I have been very impressed at Angela's knowledge and ability. Reflexology has helped dramatically with my digestion, sinus problems and lower back pain" Ron Tabor

Healing through massaging different areas of the hands and feet is an ancient practice and has been used in many cultures throughout history with its oldest recorded usage in ancient Egypt. However reflexology as we use it today is a wonderful combination of the Eastern art of healing through touch, and knowledge of how the body functions gained from the science of Western medicine.


Reflexology is a very simple therapy that gets amazing results. It is based on the theory that various areas of your feet known as 'reflexes', appear to have a direct relation to corresponding areas of your body. It is believed that applying pressure to these reflexes can stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms thereby aiding your body to recover naturally.

The reflexes are incredibly specific and through touching them an experienced therapist can feel even the smallest imbalance in any of the systems of the body. Therefore your state of health will be reflected in the feet and the therapist will use her experience and sensitivity to decide which reflexes need extra work and how much pressure to use on them to bring the systems back into balance and achieve optimum health. How can reflexology help me?

Reflexology is increasingly being accepted by the medical profession as a safe and effective treatment. It is also currently undergoing a major renaissance in the Far East being used successfully in hospitals after getting favourable results in trials alongside traditional Chinese and Western medicine.
A basic reflexology map charting the main reflexes on the soles of the feet is shown below.

Could reflexology help with your health issue?
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What is Reflexology?. foot chart


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